[#392] And I Ran…I Ran So Far Away

Reached out a hand to try again
You’re slowly disappearing from view
Appearing from my view

I Ran (So Far Away)” – A Flock Of SeagullsListen

I thought I would do a fun little entry this time and poke a little bit of fun at the 80’s genre which was a part of my childhood. Looking back on a lot of it and seeing how trends and things are now it kinds of makes me chuckle a little bit.

Two of the items featured in the photo today really helped inspire the theme and I got them from Indie Teepee (which I am a proud blogger for) and from The Epiphany event.

I‘m not sure if those of you that follow the blog ever take a look at the song choices that go along as theme inspiration but I encourage you to click the link the the video and for the younger crowd experience what was big at that time in music and style. You’ll also notice in the full credits below that there was not a pose used for this scene. The keytar has an animation HUD which makes it glow and has sounds and animations for you to jam out to; with careful patience I managed to snap a still photo without needing any kind of posing which for me is very rare.

With all that out of the way, down below is all that you need to know about this post and as always I encourage you to get demos of things first so that you know whether or not it is the right thing for you. Have a great shopping experience and maybe I’ll see you out there. Until the next time as always, stay stylish fellas!

HAIR⊱ Exile – Judd (Gift / Not Available)

This item was a gift set out for those visiting the Hair Fair, as of now it is not available in the store but if it does get sold as a product, you’ll definitely be told in an update of this post or in a future one.

HEADCATWA – Shaheen (Bento)
EYES⊱ MESANGE – Kaua’i Eyes Mini Pack ♯ ☆NEW☆ @ The Hidden Chapter

This special set of 5 colored eyes is a part of the second half of The Chapter Four which is called The Hidden Chapter. This is where creators like MESANGE offer extra items that were not a part of the regular event. These eyes are being sold at a discount while at the event so if you are interested go check them out as once the event is over and they are placed in the main location, the price will go up.

FACE⊱ ::LV:. Nathan – Pearl/02 ♯ Marketplace
BODYBelleza – Jake

OUTFITGizzA – Owen Blazer Suit [Smoke-Aqua]

This suit (which is one whole mesh) was perfect for the 80’s look I wanted to achieve. I had purchased it initially at a previous round of TMD where it kind of got pushed into my closet and it wasn’t until I was putting this look together that I remembered it. Once I put it on and changed a few things on the included HUD, it all came together. Sizes included for the suit are Signature, Standard Sizes (XS-XL), SLink, and TMP.

KEYTAR⊱ BALACLAVA!! Keytar ZERO-W ♯ ☆NEW☆ @ Indie Teepee

Nothing is more 80’s than a keytar. Many of the musicians from back then had these in their repertoire of instruments and were prominently featured in many a music video. I thought this was a very clever item for Balaclava to create, as many of their great items have a bit of quirkyness to them. As I had briefly mentioned above, this item comes with a HUD that you can use to animate your avatar and it also has included sounds that you can take hours to discover. A great item and while you are at it, check out some of the events while at Indie Teepee. There’s so much to do and see there!

BACKDROP⊱ MINIMAL – Illusion III – *4* ♯ ☆NEW☆ @ The Epiphany

When I remembered having had a neon type backdrop I had to look no further than this item. #4 in the Illusion III backdrop gacha set. MINIMAL does a very good job with detail on their backdrops and one thing I can tell you is that a lot of them do have neon inspired elements to them which make them very unique and able to stand out. This was the perfect and last final touch to the photos you see here in this post.

[#209] And When Will I Forget You


Jesus Christ…please just let me know
Jesus Christ…I just can’t let you go…


HAIR⊱ RAW HOUSE :: Akuma [All Colors] //NEW◇ @ GEN-Neutral
EYES⊱ .ID. Attraction Eyes – FATPACK //NEW◇ @ TMD
FACE⊱ Clef de Peau – Phil T2 // ◇NEW◇ @ Kustom9
BODYAbsolut-Creation – Adam Mesh Body -v1.1

SWEATER⊱ GizzA – Lonnie Sweater w Shirt [Gray] //NEW◇ @ TMD
PANTS::K:: Loose Fit Skinny Homme – Red

POSE⊱ Terra Design – Coffee Break 02 (09) //NEW◇ @ GEN-Neutral


When Will I (Forget You)” – City SleepsListen/View

[#189] And The Words Fall Out Like Forever December


And I cry ’cause the weather has gotten to me
And I laugh at the people that I can’t be
Cause all their lives
Are silly pictures.


HAIR{ Speakeasy } Kent Hair GREYSCALE
EYES.ID. – Sunset Eyes FATPACK
BODYSLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
HANDSSLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.2 – Relaxed
FEETSLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1

COAT/SCARF/SHIRT⊱ GizzA – Brad Coat with Shirt [Grey] // @ TMD //NEW
JEANS⊱ GizzA – Brad Slim Fit Jean [Dirty] // @ TMD //NEW
BOOTSMiamai – JD Buskin Boots – Black

POSELe Poppycock *Overflow* A (Let It Burn)


Forever December” – Tabitha’s SecretListen/View

[#185] I’m With Everyone And Yet Not



“In the middle of a world on a fishook…
you’re the wave…
you’re the wave…
you’re the wave”


HAIRmimpi* Hair-16 / Fat Pack
SKINClef de Peau – Declan T2
EYESCHEERNO – Eye – Realistic v1
EARSCHEERNO – Human – EarsBase
BODYSLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
HANDSSLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.2 – Relaxed
FEETSLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1

SWEATERGizzA – Theo Sweater – Grey
PANTS⊱ bastard – Houndstooth Casual Baggys // Store Closed
SHOES{Livalle} Slammers -Slip on Shoes- Grey // Old FLF Item / Still Available

POSE⊱ Awear Poses – Lay Here (4) // @ Marketplace


Swallowed” – BushListen/View

[#183] It’s The World I Know


“As I walk upon high
and I step to the edge
to see my world below”


HAIR[taketomi] – Hyde (Bento)
FACIAL HAIR⊱ No.MINAL – Zangief Black Beard // @ M.O.M //NEW
SKIN⊱ Clef de Peau – Declan T2 // @ TMD //NEW
EYES[CHEERNO] Eye – Realistic v1
BODYSLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
HANDSSLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.2 – Relaxed
FEETSLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1

SHIRT/JACKET⊱ ::GB:: – Jacket On Shoulder & Shirt Set / Black // @ Shiny Shabby //NEW
PANTS⊱ GizzA – Jayson Meggings – Stone // @ Shiny Shabby //NEW
BOOTS⊱ *agp* Nicole Male Side Gore Boots (Black) // @ Shiny Shabby //NEW

POSEBounce This Poses – On The Edge (1)


The World I Know” – Collective SoulListen/View

[#182] With The Man Who Sold The World


“I laughed and shook his hand
then made my way back home”



HAIR~Tableau Vivant~ Kawashima I – Summer
HEAD..::SAMURAI HQ::..  Cyrus Mesh Head – Default Tone //NEW
EYES[Buzzeri] Crystal Eyes – Angel
BODYSLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
HANDSSLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.2 – Relaxed
FEETSLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1

CARDIGAN/SHIRT⊱ GizzA – Cardigan with T-shirt / Unisex [Solid] // @ On9 //NEW
JEANS[BODY FACTORY] Desmond Jeans (Wash)
SHOESFATEstep – Ziggy Chucks

POSE*CS* The Pact


    ON K.C.

Avatar⊱ New Realms – Kurt Cobain Avatar // @ Marketplace


The Man Who Sold The World” – Nirvana (David Bowie Cover)Listen/View

[#177] The Times They Are A-Changin’



“If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin
Or you’ll sink like a stone…”

I’ve had the honor and the privilege to work with and display some of the great poses from Vestige Poses. In two days from now the in-world store will be closing its doors and moving directly to being a Marketplace only brand. The store itself has slashed prices down considerably so if you are in the market for some quality Male, Female, Couples and or poses with Props then you should help give Vestige a great sendoff and pick up a few items at a reduced price before they are only made available on the Marketplace for full price.

Also I recently caught wind that Samurai HQ had released a Mesh head, which has been named Cyrus. I made my way over there and picked it up and am pleasantly surprised with the detail and the price was reasonable as well compared to some of the other heads out there. I like that it has the ability to blink but that is the only motion that it has and cannot be made to stay with eye movement HUDS. It makes for a slightly difficult picture taking experience but it doesn’t completely hinder it. Maybe that is something that will be worked on in future iterations.

TMD is currently going strong and I present you an offering from one of the designers I enjoy wearing, GizzA. They’ve released the William Blazer and Tweed Pants which come in a variety of colors and for your spending dollar, you can get two options per pack. I chose to go with the Cream Blazer from the Cream/Black pack and the Stone Tweed Pants from the Black/Stone pack. They are highly fashionable and look great if you are going to be attending an event outside or just getting getting together with your significant other for a well dressed night on the town.

I certainly hope you all take advantage of both the Pose Sale, the GizzA Blazer/Pants and the Mesh Head because they are definitely worth adding to your array of great inventory items but you don’t have to take my word for it!


HEAD ..::SAMURAI HQ::..  Cyrus Mesh Head – Default Tone //NEW
EYESCHEERNO Eye – Realistic v1 //NEW
BODYSLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
HANDSSLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.2 – Relaxed
FEETSLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1

BLAZER/SHIRT/SCARF⊱ GizzA – William Blazer with Scarf [Cream] // @ TMD  //NEW
PANTS⊱ GizzA – William Tweed Pants [Stone] // @ TMD  //NEW
SHOES⊱  ..::ILLI::.. SLink Vincent with HUD

POSEVestige Poses – Homme Finale II (6)


The Times They Are A-Changin’” – Bob DylanListen/View

[#138] Down With The Sickness


“The world is a scary place
now that you’ve woken up the demon in me!”



BODY: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body (M)
SKIN: Clef de Peau – Liam Base T2 Standard Skin {@The Ross Fair} +NEW+
EYES: IKON Odyssey Eyes – Nymph
EARS: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, Naked
HANDS: SLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.1 – Relaxed
HAIR: VRSION KONVERT 4 Hair – Blond (Edited) {@TMD} +NEW+
TATTOO: TAOX – Zakhar VM (TMP Applier Only) {@M.O.M} +NEW+

GUYLINER: .:Glamorize:. Guyliner Eye Makeup {@Marketplace}
TEETH: !RT:.Yellow Smile {@Marketplace}
LIPSTICK: Action – Lustre Lip Tints (06) {@Marketplace}

PANTS: Apple May Designs – Jessie’s Pants – Purple {@TMD} +NEW+

POSE: .::IDK::. Pack #54 (02) {@The End} +NEW+



SKIN: Clef de Peau – Calum T2 Standard Skin (SLink Appliers Included) {@TMD} +NEW+
EYES: Amacci / InSight – Dark Grey Eyes {@Marketplace}
HANDS: SLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.1 – Closed

TACTICAL VEST: The Omega Concern – Tactical Combat Vest 2015 1.0 {@Marketplace}
CARGO PANTS: GizzA – Military Pants [Olive – Brown]
BOOTS: GizzA – Worker Boots [Brown]

MASK: [Dead Army Faction] Bane Mask (Exclusive) {@Marketplace}

POSE: STAKEY – Fighter (06) {@Marketplace}


Down With The Sickness” – Disturbed {Listen/View}