[#363] And You Are Where I Want To Be

In the back of my mind, well I thought my god
‘Cause all of the hell that’s in my time
But I can still see the birds
And where they went this year

Where I Want To Be” –  The Dangerous Summer  ♫Listen

One of the things as far as fashion goes that always seems to catch my interest and that 9 times out of 10 I will buy…are items with the houndstooth pattern on them. I cannot recall when it first started for me but I grew an affinity for it and now keep a look out for it in shopping guides and whenever I am at a store or event. In this entry I found two items that fit that criteria and are very well made so I felt compelled to feature them and share them with the viewers/readers of this site.

This look started with going to the Shoetopia event. Even though I did not feature the “Stray” creeper shoes from {kokoia} while the event was active, I could not find the right items to pair it with until the newest round of The Men’s Department started up and I was strolling through and found the suit from Scars (in which the jacket/shirt and trousers are sold separately so keep that in mind). I liked the quality of this suit and there were three different suit colors to choose from but what caught my eye the most was that the black jacket had a shirt included with a houndstooth pattern. I instantly thought “well now I have an outfit” and now I’m here telling you about it.

The “Slim Fit” suit from Scars comes in Standard sizes but I made it fit easily with the alpha cuts on the Gianni body. It looks great in combination with the creepers. Makes for one stylish gentleman, don’t you think?

While I’m still sorting through the items from the Men Only Hunt 9, I thought I would give you a look at the “Jaxx” skin from 7 Deadly s{k}ins. It comes in the caramel tone and also provides skin appliers for just about all types of bodies which means if you haven’t been out there hunting for items, this is one stop you should make if you were to. I totally encourage doing the hunt, it’s not every day that designer’s put out items at no cost other than group gifts every now and then.

Speaking of gifts, Exile just redid their main location and are offering the “Tommy” hair for the fellas and the “Gina” for the gals. The hairs come complete with all the color HUDS included so you have all of them at your disposal. After taking a moment to think about it, Tommy and Gina are names that are used in the Bon Jovi classic “Living On A Prayer”. I find that really clever but I’m sure I wasn’t the first to notice this either.

Also a part of this look are the MESANGE “Roseland Eyes” which were a part of The Chapter Four event which is now over but you can grab them at their main location in the credits below. There are 15 different iris colors and a HUD that controls the mesh eyes that are included as well as Omega enabled eyes that you may have.

For the second entry in a row I have used a backdrop from SEUL’S “#scenes” gacha machine from The Epiphany as well as a different pose from the “Kai” pose set by Image Essentials that is currently available at the TWE12VE event to complete the look and scene that you see above.

Now that you know some of what went into this entry, I’ll leave you with the credits so that you yourself can take a taxi to the stores and events that were a part of this installment.

As always until next time, keep it stylish fellas!

HAIRExile – Tommy (Store Gift)
EYESMESANGE – Roseland Eyes
FACE7 Deadly s[K]ins – Jaxx (Caramel) ♯ ☆NEW☆ MOH9
BODY[SIGNATURE] Gianni – Body – v3.5

JACKET⊱ …Scars… Slim Fit Suit Jacket [Black] ♯ ☆NEW☆ @ TMD
PANTS⊱ …Scars… Slim Fit Suit Bottom [Black] ♯ ☆NEW☆ @ TMD
SHOES{kokoia} Stray

BACKDROP⊱ SEUL – Elevator Highrise ♯ ☆NEW☆ @ The Epiphany

IE – Kai (6m) ♯ ☆NEW☆ @ Twe12ve

[#228] Mr. Jones And Me

I will paint my picture
paint myself in blue and red and black and gray
All of the beautiful colors are very very meaningful

I came up with an idea and decided to run with it. Sometimes with my musings I come up with ways to tribute some of my favorite musicians and I think I’ve managed to capture the feel of Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows. Their first album “August and Everything After” is probably one of my most cherished possessions in my music collection and one that I’d have with me if I were ever stranded on a deserted island.

Thanks in part to Cold-Ash, who just released the Jones jacket at this month’s TMD, I felt I could bring the life some of the magic of “Mr. Jones”. I enlisted the help of Quinn, owner of {Q-Essentials} and also my Dad, to be my Mr. Jones for this joint photo. He brought the style of Deadwool to the party and their Royal Edition of the Peak Suit.

Thank you very much Pop for helping me create this vision.

SectionHeaders_TLv2     ME (AKA BRENNAN)

HAIR⊱ Aibeat *Roots * Black ≠ @ Marketplace
FACE7 Deadly s{K}ins – JUDAS – Cotton
BEARD⊱ :: Miss Canning :: [ Facial Hair Pack ] ≠ @ Marketplace
BODYAbsolut-Creation – Adam Mesh Body -v1.1


POSESLC – Duo Pose Cubes MxM

SectionHeaders_TLv2      MR. JONES (AKA QUINN)

HAIR[Taketomi] Messi – Blacks
EYESIKON Odyssey Eyes – Midnight
BODYSLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2

JACKET⊱ [Deadwool] Peak Suit (Royal) – Jacket – Tartan ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ TMD
PANTS⊱ [Deadwool] Peak Suit (Royal) – Trousers Tartan ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ TMD
⊰SHOES⊱ [Deadwool] Monk Shoes – Black

SectionHeaders_TIv2Mr. Jones” – Counting Crows    ♬Listen

[#227] When You Walk My Way…

Now you’ll never see
what you’ve done to me
You can take back your memories
They’re no good to me

SectionHeaders_TLv2HAIR⊱ Modulus – Porter Hair – FatPack ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ TMD
FACE7 Deadly s{K}ins – JUDAS – Cotton
BODYAbsolut-Creation – Adam Mesh Body -v1.1

SHIRT⊱ N-Uno – Rick Shirt // N7 ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ M.O.M
TANKTOP⊱ N-Uno – Rick Tank Top // Black ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ M.O.M
JEANS⊱ N-Uno – Rick Jeans // N6 ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ M.O.M

POSELe Poppycock *In Spades* A (Cold Shoulder)

SectionHeaders_TIv2Gives You Hell” – The All-American Rejects      ♬Listen

[#226] I Know Tomorrow’s Not So Bright Now

I’ll say goodbye
’cause nothing good can last
You wear and fade
you’re nowhere fast

SectionHeaders_TLv2⊰HAIR⊱ BlankLine Hair 01 [Black]
⊰EYES⊱ .ID. Sensual Eyes FATPACK
⊰FACE⊱ 7 Deadly s{K}ins – JUDAS – Cotton
⊰BEARD⊱ TMB – All In 1 Beard ≠ @ Marketplace
⊰BODY⊱ [SIGNATURE] Gianni – Mesh Body – v2.3 ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ Mainstore

⊰HOODIE⊱ F.A.T Kito Hoodie (Marine) ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ M.O.M
⊰JEANS⊱ [Bad Unicorn] “Light Wash” Torn Trucker Jeans ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ M.O.M
⊰SHOES⊱ [BLK2.0] NORAGE –  #Grey&Black

⊰BRACELET⊱ [INK] – Bracelet 001

⊰POSE⊱ oOo Studio: Linear (Four_Althand)

SectionHeaders_TIv2Another Perfect Day” – American Hi-Fi     ♬Listen