[#628] Darkness, Darkness


Darkness, darkness, be my blanket
Cover me with the endless night
Take away, take away the pain of knowing
Fill the emptiness of right now

The Youngbloods, ♫Darkness, Darkness♫


While this may not be a full on black and white photo (that I said I would do more of) I have to say that it turned out a lot better than I expected. I’ve also started to become a little more comfortable with Depth of Field within the Firestorm viewer, I still have reservations about it. Probably as time goes on I’ll get even more comfortable with using it as an idea dictates but for now I’m going to use it sparingly.

The goal I had when I was putting this idea together in my head was that I wanted to capture what I consider to be solitude in the night, how peaceful it can be and for someone who seems to keep strange hours this is something I’m more familiar with then I’d freely admit to. As I was taking the photos I thought that maybe it would give off the feeling of loneliness and that may come through a bit but in my mind the peaceful quiet while trying to find sleep is what I was truly trying to achieve.

I often find myself saying that Pose Fair is a great place to discover new stores on top of those that I would consider favorites or well liked. This is my first encounter with H.Knauber but seeing the ads for what they have released at the event made it the focus of what would become this photo and scene. The sitting poses of “Posepack Men 02” has given me all I needed to build around it what you are seeing in this blog post. At first my concept wasn’t a night shot but something told me that with the right lighting and the aforementioned depth of field, this would turn out nicely.

The pose pack has 5 different sitting poses that certainly will come in handy in the future but I have to be clear that the pack contains just the poses as there are no props. I chose to park myself on the edge of the bed and for added effect added a furry friend who is chilling as I try to find a way to empty my mind so I can sleep. When you have as many ideas as I do when it comes to taking photos on top of all other daily things, it can get very cluttered in my noggin.

H.Knauber – Posepack Men 02

  • Bento static poses
  • 5 different poses (with mirrors included)
  • Exclusive to Pose Fair until 05/25/19

My wardrobe is comprised of stuff from my closet as my focus for this was the pose itself and building around it as I previously mentioned. Taking into account that it was an evening shot I went with wearing just a tanktop and boxers for a little bit of sex appeal (for lack of a better term). As I look at the photo it seems almost like it could be a dream sequence itself.

I’m not sure if this falls into it but my brother Lucky thought we should keep up the challenges and said that I should do things that were not my normal style. With having a more muted tone for the photo as well as using the depth of field, that to me constitutes as me going out of my comfort zone. Once I get comfortable using this technique maybe I’ll be able to conquer some other ones.


“I’ve always envied people who sleep easily. Their brains must be cleaner, the floorboards of the skull well swept, all the little monsters closed up in a steamer trunk at the foot of the bed.”
David Benioff


POSE: H.Knauber – Posepack Men 02 @ Pose FairNEW

HAIR: Valiant – Brando ✦ No Longer Available
HEAD: LeLutka – Guy v3.3
SKIN: Clef de Peau – Norman (Tone 01)
BEARD: LeLutka – Hip Hip Hooray Beard

TANKTOP: Boo’s Designs – Rob TankTop (Ribbed)
BOXERS: Yack – Boxers