[#491] The Waiting

Well yeah I might have chased a couple women around
All it ever got me was down
Then there were those that made me feel good
But never as good as I’m feeling right now
Baby you’re the only one that’s ever known how
To make me wanna live like I wanna live now

Tom Petty, ♫The Waiting

After a long holiday weekend I hope everyone is recovering from whatever they might have been doing and hope they enjoyed it along the way. I had every bit of the intention of posting this yesterday but sometimes schedules conflict with what you plan and that is very much why no one is seeing this until today and as it stands I’m not going to make it a huge write-up because there are very little pieces to my look to cover as you can see.

But what I do have for this post I think are pretty cool so let’s delve into this a bit more.

Cold-Ash has joined the ranks of other designers by releasing their first undergarments in the form of boxers which is a trend that seems to be happening a lot right now. You could almost say for the sake of this blog entry that I’m taking on the role of an underwear model…maybe. What I can say about the COLE boxers is that they aren’t egregious in the way that they don’t over enhance a certain area of the male anatomy as you tend to see on other products out on the market. Personally I don’t feel that there’s a necessity for it but everyone likes what they like and that’s great because it gives everyone an option and we can all go home happy.

There are 10 different fabric colors with fits for Belleza (Jake), Signature (Gianni), SLink Physique and TMP bodies and are not only sold separately but also in a FATPACK option which includes a HUD so that you can change between all 10 different fabrics as you please. This item is currently available only at the Ultra event but will be in the main store shortly after the event ends.

For the second time, Modulus has released a new hair for the Equal10 event. When I got my hands on “Richard”, this hair reminded me of a sans-snapback version of their “Calvin” hair but with slight differences so it would be easy to wear “Calvin” for a bit but when you are in a situation where a hat just might not fit your attire then it would be easy to wear “Richard” and have a similar style and that’s what it’s all about.

I like that this hair is just the right length and doesn’t cover the eyes because I know that in the real world having hair over my eyes bothers me and why my days of having long hair are long past. The hair is resizeable by clicking on it and you get 40 different colors distributed through 5 packs with an integrated color chooser in each HUD. This style does not have the roots pack available so I’m going with my usual browns which I feel suits me pretty well.

Equal10 runs until the 5th of June so there is plenty of time to give it a look and see what you might be able to find to take home.

Lastly for my super casual lay pose, it’s from WRONG and it is part of a set of 4 laying poses. When I see these poses I almost envision the comic book character Deadpool as I’ve seen many drawings of him stretched out in a similar manner but instead it’s just me in my boxers so don’t try to be disappointed (even though you probably are).

These poses are just one of the new releases you can find by WRONG at the Sense Event which is currently running until the first week of June. Go take a look and bring your wallets (or man purses or just purses whatever suits the reader).

It is that time again for me to wrap things up but I enjoyed taking a little detour out of my normal with the lack of clothing in this photo which is not something I’m known for but when products come my way that are as cool and well made as the Cold-Ash boxers I certainly have no objections to showing them off in the best way I possibly can. Be on the lookout for new posts with products from Go&See, NativeUrban, as well as Image Essentials. Plenty of things to work on and put my touches to.

Until our paths cross again, onto the next conversation…

HAIR: Modulus (Store / MP) – Richard Hair ✦ NEW @ Equal10
HEAD: CATWA – Daniel ✦ Previously Blogged
EYEBROWS: [theSkinnery] Blakes Eyebrows Style 1 ✦ NEW @ TMD
FACE: LV Designs (MP) – Brennan Tone 02 ✦ Previously Blogged
BODY: Belleza – Jake ✦ Previously Blogged ✦ Previously Blogged

BOXERS: {COLD-ASH} (Store / MP) – COLE Boxer Shorts (Classic Pack) ✦ NEW @ Ultra

POSE: WRONG – Bento Laying Static Poses – 3 ✦ NEW @ Sense Event