[#236] I’ve Got The Magic In Me

So come one, come all see the show tonight
Prepare to be astounded no ghosts or poltergeists
You know I’m no Pinocchio and never told a lie
So call me Mister Magic Man I float on cloud 9

I would have liked to have gotten this posted sooner but lately the real world has been taking more out of me than even I anticipated. However, that is of no consequence because it is a celebration around these parts; I have officially been blogging for two years now!

This project originally started out as “The Saints of Fashion{ation}” but matured and progressed into what it is today. I am very proud of what I do here and the acquaintances and designers I have gotten to know on a personal level that also entrust me with displaying their products as sponsors.

I promise this is just a small start and I look forward to many more works of art and creations to breathe life into. Thank you to everyone that has been supportive of this venture. Those who are the most important know who they are and I would hate to leave anyone out.

Again I humbly thank everyone for their suggestions, thoughts, critiques and all the other things that keep me going. I hope I can repay this gratitude in any way possible.

– Brennan

SectionHeaders_TLv2HEADCATWA HEAD – Jackson v4.6
EYES.ARISE. Crims Eyes / Cold
FACEClef de Peau – Luke T2
BEARD⊱ :: Miss Canning :: [ Facial Hair Pack ] ≠ @ Marketplace
BODYAbsolut-Creation – Adam Mesh Body -v1.3

TUX/TOP[Deadwool] Peak Suit (Tux) – jacket – Wine
PANTS[Deadwool] Peak Suit (Tux) – Trousers – Black
SHOES[Deadwool] Monk Shoes – Black

HAT⊱ *~*Illusions*~* “Pickering” Top Hat ≠ No Longer Available

POSE[Black Tulip] Poses – The Magicians #1

⊰P.S.⊱ Honorable mention to the great Gacha Items used in the background including the Ventriloquist Dummy from the NOMAD collection “The Quaint, Queer, & Quirky” and also *ionic* for their stage which is a part of “The Forgotten Stage” collection.

SectionHeaders_TIv2Magic” –  B.O.B (feat. Rivers Cuomo of Weezer)    ♬Listen