[#231] Unsealed On A Porch A Letter Sat

Once I saw him
on a beach of weathered sand
and on the sand
I wanna leave it again

SectionHeaders_TLv2HAIR⊱ { Speakeasy } Kellen Hair BROWNS ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ TMD
HEADCATWA HEAD – Jackson v4.6 (Updated)
EYES⊱ .ID. Bright Eyes FATPACK ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ TMD
FACE⊱ Clef de Peau – Luke T2 ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ Skin Fair 2016
BEARD⊱ Clef de Peau:Stubble v.1 Black ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ Skin Fair 2016
BODYAbsolut-Creation – Adam Mesh Body -v1.3

SHIRTS⊱ L&B Swear Ranger Plaid Shirt FatPack ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ TMD
JEANS⊱ SEUL GARCON – Knee Rip Jeans – Classic ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ TMD
SHOESFlite.-Oakley Hightops – Fatpack

POSEXXY – My Way (1)

SectionHeaders_TIv2Yellow Ledbetter” – Pearl Jam     ♬Listen

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