[#226] I Know Tomorrow’s Not So Bright Now

I’ll say goodbye
’cause nothing good can last
You wear and fade
you’re nowhere fast

SectionHeaders_TLv2⊰HAIR⊱ BlankLine Hair 01 [Black]
⊰EYES⊱ .ID. Sensual Eyes FATPACK
⊰FACE⊱ 7 Deadly s{K}ins – JUDAS – Cotton
⊰BEARD⊱ TMB – All In 1 Beard ≠ @ Marketplace
⊰BODY⊱ [SIGNATURE] Gianni – Mesh Body – v2.3 ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ Mainstore

⊰HOODIE⊱ F.A.T Kito Hoodie (Marine) ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ M.O.M
⊰JEANS⊱ [Bad Unicorn] “Light Wash” Torn Trucker Jeans ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ M.O.M
⊰SHOES⊱ [BLK2.0] NORAGE –  #Grey&Black

⊰BRACELET⊱ [INK] – Bracelet 001

⊰POSE⊱ oOo Studio: Linear (Four_Althand)

SectionHeaders_TIv2Another Perfect Day” – American Hi-Fi     ♬Listen

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