[#221] And I Deserve To Be Alone

And don’t you know the hate that’s on my heart is from your hands
When you let it go
I guess it’s all in the way you suffer for my love
You better let it go

Before it gets the best of you
And who wins
When we both lose a lot

I loved you…
at least so I thought…

SectionHeaders_TLv2HAIR⊱ Modulus – Rasmus Hair – FatPack //NEW◇ @ Sir Monthly
HEADNO!Project MeshHead ADES 1.5.1
FACE⊱ Clef de Peau – Andre T2 //NEW◇ @ TMD
BODYAbsolut-Creation – Adam Mesh Body -v1.1
TATTOO⊱ DAPPA – Purge Tattoo. //NEW◇ @ GEN-Neutral

SHIRT*!*ADAM – Shirt – 2g
BOXERSJFA – Boxer – Gray

POSEdouble take: Sitting Handsome (Hello Handsome)

SectionHeaders_TIv2Shadows” – ParabelleGo To Media

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